How to Speak so People Listen

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How to Speak so People Listen

Speech and communication are astonishing achievements that
mark our species out from the rest of the animal kingdom.

But often, we speak and yet people don’t listen.

How to Speak so People Listen by Mike Clayton
Everyone knows how vital good communication is in any business. But what’s the point if no-one’s listening to you?

How to Speak so People Listen shows you how to make sure that what you’re saying is being listened to and making a difference. Using proven techniques from the world’s most successful communicators, debaters and conversationalists, you’ll discover how to:

Always be heard by speaking in a compelling, persuasive and powerful way
Seize attention, make an impact and leave a memorable first impression
Think fast and quickly adapt your message to suit your audience
Stand out at meetings, conferences, networking events and chance encounters
Be confident at public speaking  – someone people really want to listen to

Effective tools, strat‘Great communication is at the heart of all business;Mike’s approach makes this accessible to everyone.’egies, tips and tricks will make sure you’re able to command attention and know that whenever you speak, people will want to hear what you have to say.

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